5 RFT:

25m Broad Jump

25m Walking Lunges

400m Run




A. EMOM 12M – 2R Low Hang Power Clean.

Increase Load Every Min and Work to 2RM.


B. “Balls to the Wall TABATA”

20 on/10 off. 10s Rest between Each Movement. You will need to hustle to next movement as to not waste any time what so ever. Score Total Reps.

Slamballs (20/14)

Ball Pistols (20/14) Alt Pistols on Each Leg while Holding onto Ball anyway that you Wish.

Med Ball Clean (20/14)

Over Ball Burpees (20/14) Both Feet Must clear the Ball at the Same Time.

Med Ball Situp (20/14) Ball starts in Feet. Situp. Grab ball and take ball Overhead with You then back to Feet. Every Situp Counts as One Rep.


C. 500m Row for Pace followed by 25 GHD/25 Hip Ext

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