10 RFT:

100m Sprint/ 50 Grasshoppers/25 Situps/ 10 Pull-ups




A. 20M to Establish a 1RM Hang Power Clean. During 20M time frame be sure to Warmup with sets of Hang “Squat” Cleans.

B. 8M EMOM 2 Hang “Squat” Clean @ 80% of 1RM Established in Part A. Do not drop bar between Reps. These are back to back Reps.

C. 4 by 400m Run. Rest 1M between each 400m

$$ Optional Cash Out $$

D. 15 Ring Dips/15 T2B. 10 Ring Dips/10 T2B. 5 Ring Dips/5 T2B. Use a band in order to achieve full depth and ROM if you need to…remember the Integrity of the Movement.

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