1045132_10201374879313304_1973923374_nPlease dont forget about our Soldier Boxes! These will be getting shipped out on Tuesday. We would love to fill these boxes to the brim for our Deployed Athletes.

If you are Testing Out for the Competition Team and havent completed the Workload yet its no biggie just try to get it in sometime this week. Team Training starts this week guys. Talk with your Coaches if you are unable to make the appointed time for Team Training Class that way you can be sure you have programming and are able to complete on your own.

Sooooo…its been 12 weeks since our last Time Trial. Time to Re Test. Be sure to track your progress and compare against your last score.




Time Trials:

You have 5 minutes to complete each task with a 2 min Rest between Each Movement. Each Rep must be Full ROM. If you do not finish all 100 Reps in the alloted 5 mins then you will score your Total Reps completed within the 5 mins.

400m Run

100 Air Squats

100 Pushups

100 Situps

100 Pullups

500m Row

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