A. General
3 rounds
20s Jumping jacks
20s Pike ups
20s Samson Lunge

B. Mobility
2 rounds
-Push-up to Pike 30s
-60s of alt. Scorpions

C. Specific
2 rounds
-12 alternating Renegade rows
-20s Seated pike up hold

Metcon “A”:

For time
60 Strict chin-ups

Every minute, perform 6/6 pistols

Cap: 15mins

Metcon “B”:

E(3)MOM x 5 rounds
15 Ring dips
15 Box jumps 30″/24″
15 Wall Balls @20/14lbs

Accessory Work:

Single leg banded Hip thrusts
3 x 10/10
Hold each rep for 2 seconds at the top



8 rft:
200m run
10 burpee DL (40/25)
30 second rest

Then: 90 sec AMRAP X 3
1 minute rest between AMRAPS
15 DB thrusters
Max reps sit-ups in remaining time

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