Friday, May 8’s wod will be dedicated to Ahmaud. We will begin each class with a moment of silence to honor Ahmad and his family. As you cover the distance, pray for his family and that his murderers are brought to justice. If you are unable to run, you can run/bike/row the equivalent of 3,589 meters. #justiceforahmaud

……..The world needs to know IT IS NOT A CRIME TO RUN WHILE BLACK!! This 25 year old Brother was shot and killed while running on his regular run route in Georgia. Why? They assumed he was a burglar. The truth? He was shot because he was Black. Running is something Ahmaud did everyday. Neither of the shooters have been arrested nor charged with any crime. I am running in this Brother’s honor on his birthday this Friday. Hope some of you will walk, run, or jog with me in solidarity on May 8th. Whatever you decide, DO IT!! If you don’t or can’t do any of those things, light a candle and say a prayer for his family. WE WILL NOT REST UNTIL JUSTICE IS DONE!! #IRunWithMaud

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