Carl Paoli is a Beast….Just Saying…


MOB WU: Feet/Ankles/Calves/Sub Scap Work

MOD: Peg Wall Climb: If you are unable to climb do 20 Strict Close Grips Pullups. Partition as Needed.

Agility WU: Lateral Ladder/Low Box Drills/Shuffle Drills


Dbl Unders

Abmat Situps

Dbl Unders


Dbl Unders

Underhand Med Ball Throw at Wall – 8′ (20/14)

Dbl Unders

Overhand Med Ball Throw at Wall – 8′ (20/14)

Dbl Unders

Bear Crawl

Dbl Unders

Lat Ball Jumps

Dbl Unders

Candle Sticks

Dbl Unders

Med Ball Clean (20/14)

Dbl Unders

Med Ball Partner Situps (20/14)

Finish WOD with a 400M Jump Rope Run. NO WIRE ROPES  ALLOWED ON ROAD. All of these Movements can be Modified for Low Impact and will be for LV1/2.

*** If you dont have Dbl Unders yet then you do Jump Rope…Key is DONT STOP MOVING. Score Total Dbl Unders. Jump Ropers divide number by 4 to get Score.



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