8 by 300M Rest 30s



Today is for The Fallen

A Tribute to Remember: We will Never Forget!

CW4 Terry Geer: 160th SOAR

CPT Sara (Knutson) Cullen: B/4-3 AVN Blackhearts

CW3 Scott Schroder: 5th Group

LTC Joseph J. Fenty: 3-71 CAV



Snatch Ladder: Move Through Ladder 1Rep as Efficiently as Possible. When you can no longer Snatch the weight go directly into WOD. Score Last Weight Completed.

(95/65) (105/75) (115/85) (135/95) (155/105) (165/110) (175/115) (185/120) (190/125) (195/130) (200/135)

1 Mile Run

10 Rope Climbs

50 Pullups


LV1: Skip Snatch Ladder Completely. 1600M Row/25 Ring Rows/50 Low Bar Pullups

LV2: Skip Snatch Ladder Completely: Row or Run/1/2 Rope Climbs/50 JPU

LV3: Band Assisted Pullups

LV4: Rx’d and Run with Weighted Vest or Sandbag



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