9ca576a1e9f3a2f969413aae546f98ee-605x312Last Open WOD is this Week on Thursday at Every Class and Sat from 9-1030AM.  Join us at the box Wednesday night to watch the big reveal and cheer on RSD as he throws down on 13.5!!!

I read something today that struck me and got me thinking. FORGETFULNESS. In every day life forgetting things is not thought of as a virtue…esp when you are busy and have a limited amount of time each day to accomplish and complete your tasks. That is why so many of us rely on lists, and iphones, and sticky notes, and other gadgets. Seems that daunting to do list is never quite complete.  As soon as you cross two things off it is time to add three more right back on. But that isnt the kind of forgetfulness I am addressing today…forgetfulness can be a virtue and it can be valuable. Think about it. When something is done. Its finished. Its over. What else can be done about it? When the present becomes the past.. Does the past keep you from enjoying the present or from moving forward into the future. Whats done is done. Pick up. Carry on. Do what you can to learn, to mend and fix and then the only thing left to do is “forget”… Random thoughts and something to ponder.

CFE: 5 Rds

25 Goblet Squats

800m Run




5M Hoover Ball Warmup

WOD: 3 Man Relay

1000m Row

Donkey Kicks

Dbl Unders

Plus : Finish with 400m Team Run.

* One person starts on Rower. One person starts on Donkey Kicks. One person starts on Dbl Unders. When Team Mate 1 completes the Row the 2nd Team Mate gets on Rower and they Alternate Movements. Donkey Kicks and Dbl Unders  Team Mates can not stop working or rotate stations until the rower is done with 1000m. Each team mate should complete 3 Rounds of 1000m Row, as many Donkey Kicks as Possible, as many Dbl Unders as Possible. Score Donkey Kicks and Dbl Unders for Entire Team. At the end of the 3 Rounds all 3 Team Mates must Run 400M together and then they are finished. Score finish time as well.

* Should you decide the Donkey Kick is not a suitable Movement for you; You may sub the Movement for one of the following: GHD situp, Burpees, Wallballs.



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