tt2 More Days until The 2013 CrossFit Open starts!!!


Tom King Runners: You should all be tapering off in your training. Also please be sure to ask us anything you need to know about pre race nutrition, race details, supplements, shoes, clothing etc.

Dynamic/MOB WU

12 by 100M 



A. 500m Row. Rest 2M. 400m Run.

B. 2 Rounds not for Time: 10 T2B’/8 K2E/16 Abmat Situps/4 HSPU

C. 12M AMRAP: 4 DL (185/135) 2 Cleans (185/135) 18 Double Unders


LV1: B. PVC Work/PU C. (65/35) JR

LV2: B. ROM Work/PU C. (95/65) JR

LV3: (135/95)

LV4: Rx’d

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