Month: July 2013



5 RFT:

25m Broad Jump

25m Walking Lunges

400m Run




A. EMOM 12M – 2R Low Hang Power Clean.

Increase Load Every Min and Work to 2RM.


B. “Balls to the Wall TABATA”

20 on/10 off. 10s Rest between Each Movement. You will need to hustle to next movement as to not waste any time what so ever. Score Total Reps.

Slamballs (20/14)

Ball Pistols (20/14) Alt Pistols on Each Leg while Holding onto Ball anyway that you Wish.

Med Ball Clean (20/14)

Over Ball Burpees (20/14) Both Feet Must clear the Ball at the Same Time.

Med Ball Situp (20/14) Ball starts in Feet. Situp. Grab ball and take ball Overhead with You then back to Feet. Every Situp Counts as One Rep.


C. 500m Row for Pace followed by 25 GHD/25 Hip Ext


Games2013_Team_Final_rotatorGames are Over and We are Back Home!

Congrats to all the Teams and Individuals that Competed this Past Weekend.

Was an excellent display of athleticism and comradery!!




WOD: 3 Rounds

600m Run/ 50 Air Squats/ 600m Run

Rest 3m Between Rounds





A. Back Squat 


B. Front Squat: 3 sec Pause at the Bottom of Hole. Then fast out of Hole.


C. For Time:

10 Tire Flips: As Heavy as Possible

50 Pullups

50m Sled Drag (225/155)





6 by 400M

30s Rest.

$$ Optional Cash Out $$





“Elizabeth” 18m CAP. Score Reps if Not Completed.


Squat Clean (135/95)

Ring Dips

Rest 5 Mins. MOB between WODs or Recovery Row. Then:

“Diane”  15m CAP. Score Reps if Not Completed.


DL (225/155)


*** Please remember to MOD WOD’s appropriately. The Goal is for Everyone to Finish the WOD. Scale and MOD to meet your Strength and Weaknesses were they Fall.

Athlete of the Month- Laurel Grider


Crossfit…Cross-Fit  :  Luke 9:23

“A long obedience in the same direction.”

That pretty much sums up my health & fitness journey.

I grew up in Paducah, KY, the oldest of 4 kids. My mom was raised on a farm, and although we were familiar with fresh produce, the bulk of my diet was white flour/sugar and processed foods…quick, easy, cheap, and easily accessible for a busy, stay-at-home mom, living in the city, having 4 kids in 5 years. As a child, I was ALWAYS hungry. I would sneak in extra “food” whenever I could just to stave off the dreaded hunger pains, not realizing that my body was actually STARVING for REAL FOOD…food filled with vitamins & nutrients. It’s taken me 40 plus years to learn how my body works…but I’m ever so grateful that it’s NEVER TOO LATE to start.

Weight has been an issue in my life since I started putting it on in the 4th grade. By 5th grade I was in the 130’s and all I can remember the doctor telling me was to just “keep it below 140 and you’ll be alright”. Ok, so how is an 11 year old supposed to do that? With no real education in the area of healthy eating and nutrition, my weight continued to gradually climb throughout my adolescent years. At my heaviest in my late 20’s, I was upwards of 270 lbs. I was somewhat physically active from the 4th grade through high school…but the biggest issue was my lack of knowledge in the area of nutrition. THAT has been the BIGGEST eye opener for me over the past year since I started Crossfit. And as I’ve made small changes in my diet along the way, I’ve seen amazing results. It truly is about a LIFESTYLE change and NOT some fad diet, pill, or any other temporary fix. I’ve had temporary success throughout my adult life with those things…but not until Crossfit have I learned the importance and MAJOR ROLE nutrition plays in my health.

CROSSFIT is so much more than exercise. It’s COMMUNITY. It’s CULTURE. It’s ACCOUNTABILITY. I’ve never been more encouraged, challenged, supported and accepted for who I am. I finally realized that I NEEDED people in my life in the area of health & fitness to train, coach & push me BEYOND what I could do on my own or BELIEVED I was even capable of doing. CROSSFIT for me has also been a spiritual journey. I’ve learned more about myself…breaking old mindsets of what I BELIEVED I couldn’t do. Learning to love myself, my body as it is…yet striving to continually grow and better myself. Learning to try new things, even doing them afraid, only to realize I’m stronger than I realize. Understanding greater measures of God’s love and grace for me. That I’m fearfully and wonderfully made. That He loves me for who I am NOT what I do for Him. That I’m free to be me…loved, cherished, accepted…PERIOD. I’m finally (after 40 plus years) comfortable in my own skin. Sure there are places on my body that I wish I could change. But it’s about the journey…it’s about the BECOMING. We never fully arrive…just continue from glory to glory and strength to strength.

When I think about Crossfit Solafide, I’m filled with such gratitude and thankfulness. Words can’t begin to express all it means to me. My life is forever impacted by the amazing coaches and athletes. Thank you Cole & Nicole for being obedient to the dream God gave you and acting upon it. I’m truly honored to be a part of this amazing community.

My motto: Philippians 4:13 “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.”




Games2013_DavidHippensteelMasters_floaterDon’t forget to follow Dave Hippensteel at the 2013 CrossFit Games this Week!!

Master Coverage is at

We love you RSD!!! Everyone back home is rooting for you!!!




1 Mile Run. Rest 1 min.

2 Mile Run. Rest 2 min.

1 Mile TT.




“Kray Kray Kelly”

5 RFT:

400 Backwards Run

30 Box Jumps (30/24)

30 Wallballs (20/14)





10 by 100m. Rest 15s.

$$ Optional Cash Out $$





5 Rounds. Mandatory 3M Rest between Each Round.

20 Pullups

30 Pushups (Hand Release)

40 Situps

50 Air Squats

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