Month: May 2013


960097_476975455718863_1066125488_nGood Luck to our Athletes at The Mach Tenn this wknd!!


CFE @ 830am

CF @ 930 and 1030am



2M TT. Rest 45s.

4 Hill Repeats.

1M TT.







2 BB Complex (105/75)

2 Wall Climbs

40 Air Squats

** 1 BB Complex Consisting of: 6 DL, 6 Upright Rows, 6 Hang Cleans, 6 Push Jerk= 1 Rep on BB Complex.

LV1: (35/15/or DB’s) 10 Knee Pushups/Box Squats (16″)

LV2: (55/35) 5 Standard Pushups/Box Squats (12″)

LV3: (85/55) 8 Standard Ring Pushups

LV4: Rx’d






Dynamic WU


400M Run

18 Wallballs

12 KB Swings (2/1.5P)


$$ Core Cash Out $$

30 Up Downs

15 Parralette Pass Thrus

30 Hip Ext

15 Skin the Cat

60 Abmat Situps


** There will be a Farewell WOD for Coach Rob at SECF @ 530PM. If you wana come say goodbye and get in a good WOD!

Athlete of the Month- Brenda Taylor

395008_4979629492906_780204536_nI am Brenda Sue Taylor and my birthday is July 6 and this year I will be the BIG 40!  I am the youngest of 3 kids and was born and raised in Lafayette, Indiana.  My parents were loving but were very strict. I was not allowed to be in any sports that might interfere with church activities. I was shy as a child and if you are close to me…well, you know that to this day I am just a wee bit strong-willed.   

At 16-yrs old, I started dating my husband to-be.  Derek and I were married at 18…still Seniors in high school.  After high school, Derek joined the Air Force.  We moved to Japan for 5 years, which helped us to grow up fast and gain our independence as a couple.
After Derek left the Air Force for a government contract job in northern Virginia, I began a fantastic career working with At-Risk Youth.  I was definitely in my element while working for the county government and then a private youth home.  I have such a heart for broken hearted children.  During that time period, Derek and I were also foster parents.Through Facebook, we are still able to watch them grow up.  In 2001, we had our first son, Cooper.  In 2002, I stopped working outside the home to become a full-time Mommy.  2003 brought us another son Cameron. 
Fast forward to 2010.  This was the year that sucked the life outta me and brought me closer to God.  In January, I witnessed my 80-yr old neighbor fall and break her hip.  In May, my mom drown in the Tennessee flood waters.  In that same accident, a good samaritan also drown trying to save my parents.  In October, a good friend of ours committed suicide.  I lived with horrible guilt from all 3 of these events.  I was taking my neighbor homemade soup when she slipped in her kitchen…I felt if I hadn’t gone over, then she would not have fallen.  My mom and dad had just visited me…I felt if they didn’t come to see me, then they would’ve NEVER been out that rainy day.  AND…with our friend…he tried to call me about a week before he took his life.  I never got around to returning his call.  I was overwhelmed with guilt.
There was some good that came that year too though.  First, my family started attending church on a regular basis. Our Pastor, Chad Rowland was a gift from God.  If you have never met this man…you need to.  He came to the hospital when my Dad was in the ER after being pulled out of the flood waters.  He held me up when they informed me that they found my Mom’s body.  He has prayed for us and encouraged us over the years.  He is an awesome man of God and there is definitely a place in Heaven for him.  I also became a CrossFit Athlete in 2010.  I’ll forever be grateful to Nicole Spitzack for saying “Come to the garage and workout with me and the girls”.  I have leaned on God to help strengthen me emotionally, but CrossFit has changed my life as well.  I have become physically strong through CrossFit.  I do not make a very good damsel in distress.  I hate the feeling of helplessness.  CrossFit keeps my body ready for everyday life and prepares me for emergencies.  If I ever need to lift something heavy to save someone’s life…I can.  If I can’t lift it, then I can surely shove it.  I won’t be helpless.  If you read this and ever need some encouragement or a laugh…please feel free to come over and talk to me.  I’m a good listener and always willing to make a new friend.  I always have something goofy to say that just might brighten your day.  In closing, I’ll leave you with some fun facts about me:
– I’ve known my Husband since I was 5-yrs old.
– My favorite foods are Pizza & most Mexican food…I am not nice when you take my sugar away…ask my Husband. 
– I wish I had the means to Adopt lots of little Munchkins.
– My favorite color is Green.
– I spent 3 weeks on Vacation in Tanzania, Africa.
– I laugh at Inappropriate things during Inappropriate times almost all the Time.
– I haven’t had a Haircut in over 20 years.




4 by 50M

400M. Rest 30s.

3 by 50M

800M. Rest 45s.

2 by 50M

1200M. Rest 60s.

1 by 50M





Snatch 8 by 3 @ 70%

DL 5 by 3 @ 70%

Split Jerk 8 by 3 @ 70%


20 Butterfly Pullups

30 Good Mornings (95/65)

20 Reverse Hypers

10 Atlas Stone (135/95)

20 Tire Flips (Heavy)

30 Front Rack Lunge (95/65)

20 Floor Press (95/65)










“Killer KB”





1 Hang Snatch+ 1 OHS

Increase Load Every Minute



50 Dbl Unders

5 T2B

5 Narrow Strict Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)


$$ Cash Out $$

10 by 100M Sprints with 30s Rest between Each- Row or Run



Tabata This



Sub Scap MOB

Clean 8 by 3 @ 70%

Front Squat 1 1/4  6 by 4 @ 65%

THEN: 3 Rds

5 SLDL (155/95)

7 Strict Pullups

7 Burpees

15 GHD

15 Hip Ext

30 Toes Thru Rings


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