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I have heard talk around the box about the New Year…New Goals…New Focus. Well….The CF Open is 2 Months away….The Open is an Opportunity for every CF’er no matter your level to get involved in the CF Community….The Community that is bigger than just us. It is an opportunity to participate on a larger scale of what you are already doing everyday at the box. The energy around Open time is like no other…Looking forward to seeing so many of you AMAZE YOURSELVES!

There will be NO CFE today. No 530am Class. No 11am Class. All Classes today are CoEd. Todays Class times: 730am/9am/10am/630pm.



Dynamic WU:

5M Hoover Ball

5M Air Squat Dodgeball

WOD: “2013”

400M Run

500M Row

100 Pushups

100 Pullups

13 Ground to Overhead (165/115)

500M Row

400M Run

LV1: 40 Knee Pushups/40 Low Bar Pullups/(55/35)

LV2: 50 Knee Pushups/50 Med Resist Band Pullups/(85/65)

LV3: 75 CTF Pushups/75 Light Resist Band Pullups/(115/85)

LV4: Rx’d

2013 Reps for Time. Partition Movements as Desired. No Box Jumps Pullups allowed for any Levels. Work strict strength. Butterfly or Kip are allowed for LV4. Ground to Overhead can be any Snatch or Clean and Jerk with BB coming from Ground to Overhead for Every Rep.





CFE: Class Time 10am

Dynamic WU


3 RFT: 1Mile Tempo/20 Dbl Unders


CF Program: There is NO 630pm Class today. All other Classes will meet as Scheduled. Coach Rob is having an 11am Strength Foundations Class.


Gymnastics WU- 2 Rounds

10 Pistols- 5 Skin the Cat- 5 L Sit Pullups- 5 Ring Dips- 5 Bridge Ups- 3 Cartwheels

MOD: Muscle Up/Handstand Walk-20M

Work Progressions and Modifications for One of these Movements. Work with a Partner as Needed. If you are proficient at both Movements your MOD will be: 5 Rounds: 20M Handstand Walk/5 HSPU/3 MU

WOD: Partner WOD

4M Row as many Cals as Possible. Only 1 person working on rower at a time. While Person 1 is Rowing the other person is doing consequtive non stop Burpees. Burpees however do not count towards score.

Rest 60 seconds

3M Dbl Unders. Both Partners are working at the same time. Score total repetitions on Dbl Unders as one number between both parnters.

Rest 60 seconds

4M Deadlift to Hang Clean (135/95) Partners share 1 BB. Each person will complete as many consequtive Reps as possible without setting down the BB. For Example: Person 1 does 12 consequtive DL and then goes straight into 8 Hang Cleans. Total score for that set would be 20. Then they drop the BB and Person 2 goes. You are not allowed to set the BB once you pick it up or you are done. You may NOT set the BB down between DL to HC transition.

You and your partner will score all Three WOD’s together for a total number.

LV1: WU: 2 Rounds: 25 Situps/25 Jumping Jacks/10 Parallette Dips. MOD: Work on Elevated Pushups and Ring Rows. WOD: 1/Row. 2/Low Impact JR divided by 4. 3/(35/15)

LV2: WU: 2 Rounds: 25 Air Squats/25 Hanging Leg Raises/10 Pushups. MOD: Work on Box HSPU and Ring Pushups. WOD: 1/Row. 2/Regular JR divided by 4. 3/(55/35)

LV3: Assisted Pistols/Kip Pullup/Assisted Ring Dips/Assisted Low Ring Skin the Cat/Partner Bridge Ups. MOD: Work MU Progression and Assisted or Jump MU or Partner/Wall Handstand Kick ups. WOD: (95/65)

LV4: Rx’d



To the left is a picture of two women’s body scans. What are some things that you notice on women #1 vs women #2?? Take a look at the brain, the heart, the intestines, the joints, the spine.

We have a lot coming up in the New Year!

First things first:

No 630pm Class Monday 31st, No 530am Class Tuesday 1st, No Free Community WOD on Tuesday 1st. All classes are CoEd thru 1st. All class times resume on Jan 2. Sat Jan 5 there is a Trail Run a few of us are doing and then heading to the box for 10M of Burpees for Sandy Hook Elementary. Followed by a WOD.

Coach Rob will be continuing with his Strength Foundations Class tomorrow Mon 31 @ 11am.

NEW ADDITIONS: Starting Jan 7: These are all trial classes and we will continue with them if after a Month of running the attendance is good.

There will now be an 11am CoEd Class on MWF.

On Mon and Wed the PM classes will now be at: 5pm, 6pm, 7pm. The 7pm Class is a Games Prep/Strength Class and is intended for Advanced Athletes Only.

CFE has a group that will be meeting to train for upcoming events. First on the agenda is the Tom King 1/2 Marathon. There is a meeting Jan 5 at 11am and sign up sheet at the box to get into this training group. Outside athletes are encouraged and welcom to participate.

Games Prep and CrossFit Open Training will be taking place M/W at 7pm and Sundays during Open Gym.

CrossFit Teens are adding an additional Class time: They will now have two class options. Please talk with Coach Karyn, Shawna, or Rob for more details.

All speciality classes: Yoga/CFE will continue with their current classes.

Please keep an eye on our Calendar for changes. We are currently working to update our website as well.

Other things to keep an eye out for on the Calendar as they will require Registration:

MOB Workshop. Nutrition Workshop. All Girls WOD Fundraiser. CFSF BootCamp.

Starting Jan 7th it will be a requirement for all athletes to fill out an Auto Payment form for monthly membership deductions. Nothing changes will your membership. You can still upgrade, down grade, pro rate, discontinue your membership at any time. Please stop by the office or see a coach for a form.

We will be requiring all athletes to sign in and there will be a 15 Burpee penalty for everytime you do not sign in. IPad’s are being hung on wall and you will be given a sign in…it is super user friendly. So be on the look out for that.

PHEW!!! Ok…now go lift something heavy. 3,2,1 GO!!!



Don’t forget that we have an 830am Endurance WOD Today!!

CFE WOD: Dynamic WU

3 Rounds: 1600m Run/ 100m Tire Drag


CF Program:


Dynamic WU

MOD: Split Jerk

Review Movement Pattern



400m Run

10 Push Jerk (135/95)

25 Rollup to Sit and Reach

LV1: 500m Row/(35/15)/SU

LV2: 500m Row/(65/35)/Knee to Armpit

LV3: (95/65)

LV4: Rx’d




Yoga tonight at 630pm with Andrea and a Guest Yogi as well!


Dynamic WU


MOD: Sumo DL



WOD: “10-1”

10 Strict Pullups

10 DL (205/155)

9,9. 8,8. 7,7….1,1.

$$ Optional Cash Out $$

1000m Row

30 GHD Situps

30 Back Ext




Dynamic WU

Midline Work:

3M Plank Hold

Followed by 1M Max Reps OHS (75/55)

WOD: 4 – 1M per Movement Rounds followed by 1M Rest Each Round – FGB Format – Score Total Reps – There is NO rest between Movements…Not even 10 seconds so be ready to haul tail!

Front Squat (75/55)

Lateral Oblique Twist w/Med Ball (20/14)

Wallballs (20/14)

Backward Jump Rope

Row for Cals

LV1: PVC WU: (15# BB) (10/8# Ball) Regular Low Impact JR

LV2: 15#BB WU: (25#BB) (12/10# Ball) Regular JR

LV3: 35# WU: (55/45# BB) (16/12# Ball)

LV4: Rx’d


CFE Classes: 530am/530pm

Dynamic WU/ MOB WU/ Pose Running Drills


400m Run or 5o0m Row

5 Ring Dips

10 Burpees

15 Abmat Situps

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