Month: November 2012


830 CFE Class will not be meeting today because they will be running the Jingle Bell Jog 5k Run for a Reason downtown at 8am.

Good luck to all our Marathon and 1/2 Marathon Athletes Running this Weekend!!

Dynamic WU

Lateral Work


Muscle Up/Bar Muscle Up/Butterfly PU


400m Run

21 Air Squats

15 Donkey Kicks


3 Toes thru Rings

LV1: Row for Duration of MOD. WOD: Row/Box Squat/Situps/Pushups/Reverse Vup

LV2: Work on Kipping PU and MUp Progression. Row/Wall Squat/Mod Donkey Kick/Box HSPU/PVC Vup

LV3: Work on Asstd MU. Low DK. 2 Abmat HSPU or Band. Lsit Extension.

LV4: Bar MU/Butterfly/Ring MU. Rx’d


Jump Rope Warmup



Bulgarian Split Squat

Each Leg

5 by 5 Increasing Load


Partner WOD:

200 OH Lunge (85/55)

150 Burpees

100 Calorie Row

50 Ring Dips

Partion Workload as Needed between Partners. Movements must be completed in order and you may not move on to the next Movement until all Reps are complete of previous Movement.

LV1: Bulgarian Split No Load 8 by 10: Air Squats/Knees Pushups/Row/Parallette Dips with Bent Knees

LV2: Bulgarian Split Light Load 8 by 8: Unloaded Lunges/Knee Burpees/Row/Parallette Dips Legs Extended

LV3: (55/35) Asst’d Ring Dips

LV4: Rx’d


CrossFit Endurance Classes: 530am/530pm

Dynamic WU


Pose Drills

Endurance WOD: 5 RFT

20 Wallballs

800m Run


CF Program:


Dynamic WU


Snatch: Power/Split/Squat

4R @ 60%/ 2R @ 70%/ 2R @ 80%/ 1R @ 90%/ 1R @ 95%/ 4R @ 70%

Rest between Sets

Floor Press: With Partner: Same BB and Wgt you just Finished With

As many Reps as Possible with 70% of 1RM Snatch

WOD: 10-1

KB Swings (53/35)


LV1: Snatch Skill Work: Bench Press Light Load WOD:  (25/18) Lunges

LV2: Snatch Skill Work: Bench Press Light Load: WOD (32/20) Asstd Pistols

LV3: (35/25) Plate or Band Pistols

LV4: Rx’d



Army Pvt. Isaac Cortes, 26, of Bronx, N.Y., enlisted in January and deployed to Iraq in September with the 10th Mountain Division. “I think he joined because he wanted to go to college,” a neighbor told Newsday. “He was a nice kid, a polite kid.” Cortes, an Army scout, was killed Nov. 27 by a roadside bomb in Amerli, about 100 miles north of Baghdad. “It’s sad,” a friend told Newsday. “Isaac had everything in life right in front of him.”    Army Spc. Benjamin Garrison, 25, of Houston studied at Houston Community College before joining the Army in 2006. “He said, ‘I want to serve my country, use the military’s college plan, and provide for my family,'” his mother told the Houston Chronicle. Garrison, a radio telephone operator, died in the same bomb blast that killed Pvt. Cortes. Garrison is survived by his widow, Carla, his high school sweetheart whom he married in May.

Hero Rememberance WOD:  As Much Work as Possible in 27 Mins

25 Wallball Situps (20/14)

26 Med Ball Cleans (20/14)

11 T2B

1M Run

LV1: Anchored Situps/Ball Hang Clean(6-8#)/Low Bar Leg Raise/Row

LV2: Abmat Situps/Box Squat to Clean (10-12)/Hanging Leg Raise/Row

LV3: (16/12) Lying T2B w/PVC

LV4: Rx’d

CrossFit Endurance Class: CFE: 10AM

Dynamic Warmup

1600m Run

40 Air Squats

1600m Run

30 Situps

1600m Run

20 Dbl Unders

1600m Run

10 Burpees










Rope Climb: “The Spanish Wrap”

WU: 2 Rd

25 PVC Pass Thru

5 Parallette Pass Thru

5 LSit Pullups

5 Skin the Cat

MOD: Rope Climb and Weighted Pullup with Chains


9 Front Squat (135/95)

9 Lateral Box Jump (24/20)

9 CTF Pushup

800m Run

LV1: WU:  25 Pass Thrus and 25 Situps MOD: Row Duration WOD: Box Squat with Ball (20/14)/Step Up 12″/Knee Pushup/Row

LV2: MOD: Row Duration WOD: WOD: (75/55) Step Up 20″/Knee CTF Pushup/Row

LV3: (105/75) Standard Box Jumps/Hand Release Pushup

LV4: Rx’d

CFE Program: Class Times today 530am/5pm

Dynamic Warmup

MOB Warmup

Pose Running Drills

WOD: 8 by 400m with 2M Rest. Score Total Time.




CFE Class @ 10am:

Dynamic Warmup

MOB Warmup

Pose Running Drills


400m Sprint

200m Backward Run




CF Program:

WU: Ladder Drills/Lateral Box Work/Cone Drills

MOB: Wrist/Forearms/Traps/Ankle

MOD: Clean: Demo Setup/Technique/Pulls/Movement Pattern and Problems

Work Technique Drills on Light Load

WOD: “DT” 5 Rounds: Not for Time: For Technique

What am I looking for in a Deadlift? Hang Clean? Push Jerk??

12 DL (155/105)

9 Hang Clean (155/105)

6 Push Jerk (155/105)

$$ Optional Cash Out $$

1M Row or 800m Sprint and 30 Back Ext/15 GHD Situps



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