Month: October 2012


CFE Class Time @ 530am

Dynamic Warmup

MOB Warmup

Pose Running Drills

Agility Ladder Drills

WOD: For Time


Rest 2m Between Sprints


CF Program:

MOB Warmup: Low Back/Overhead/Scap/Trap

Dynamic Warmup

MOD: Shoulder Press




10 Alt Pistols

15 Situps

LV1: 5 pushups/10 box squats/15 situps/150m Row

LV2: 5 ring push ups/ 10 air squats/15 situps

LV3: 5 assisted hspu/10 assisted pistols/15 situps

LV4: Rx’d

A QUICK WORD ABOUT RX’D WOD’s…..RX’D WOD’s ARE NOT THE GOAL FOR EVERY ATHLETE NOR SHOULD THEY BE. IT CAN CERTAINLY BE YOUR GOAL IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO EXCEL IN THE SPORT OF CROSSFIT, IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO GET AS STRONG, AS FAST, AS FIT AS POSSIBLE. BUT IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THE END ALL BE ALL GOAL!!!!  Maybe you are just looking to be healthy or toned, maybe your goal is to offset injury and promote as much physical strength as you can while doing so, maybe you are in here for rehab or you are looking for optimal fat loss….everyone has different goals and that is a good thing. What is good for Paul isnt neccessarily good for Mary. That is why we offer the LEVEL’s of Modification. It doesn’t mean you are a pansy just because you chose LV1 on Monday and then you did LV3 on Thursday. We have to be real and we have to be honest with ourselves and with our bodies. Who cares if Joe is finished before you or if Jane has 500# on the bar…Good for them! Some of us have no business even looking at 500# or we dont have the desire to ever pick it up. Don’t ever feel like you have to measure up to someone else’s standards. Do what is right for you. Listen to your Coach and take the advice. If you need more work on technique…that is legit…keep the weight off and drill that technique and form until you have it perfected! You will see better gains in strength, movement pattern and even in your physique that way. Your confidence will also be greater because you won’t be as likely to go through that awkward stage of “What am I doing wrong? I seem to have plateaued? I dont understand….” etc. RX’d WOD’s are written to be hard… Even the strongest athlete you know at the box right now started at LV1 and worked their way up the ladder…but that was by choice and with a lot of hard work and dedication. If getting to RX’d is your goal…Awesome!! But lets accept the challenge of getting there without killing ourselves. We don’t want to hold you back but we do require that you move upward in the safest possible way for you! Happy Training Team!


CFE Class Time: 10am

Dynamic Warmup

MOB Warmup

Pose Running Drills

4/800m with 2m Rest

Score total time difference between intervals.

CF Program:

MOB Warmup

Dynamic Mix


Butterfly Pullup

Muscle Up


1 Mile Run

50 Thrusters (75/55)

15 T2B




CFE Endurance Class Times:


Dynamic Warmup

MOB Warmup

Pose Running Drills

AMRAP 20M: Partner WOD

400m Sprint/Row for Calories. Score Total Calories.

CrossFit Program:

MOB Warmup

PVC Bergener Warmup and Clean Drop Warmup

20M Clean and DL Ladder:

10M Clean 2R EMOM

10M DL 1R every 30s


20 Pullups

2- 50m Shuttle Sprints

1-400m Run

LV1: Jumping Pullups/Row

LV2: Band Pullups/Option to Row or Run

LV3: As RX’d

LV4: As RX’d but Run backwards on the 400m instead of forwards


Dynamic Mix:

Lateral Drills

Ladder Work

Surfer Pop Ups








9 Lateral Bar Burpees

18 Dbl Unders

9 Over the Box Jumps (24/20)

LV1: Pushups/JR/Step Ups (12)

LV2: Lateral Bar Pushups/JR/Step Ups (20)

LV3: Standard Box Jump

LV4: Rx’d


We had over 100 athletes participate in Friday’s Farewell WOD! Thank you!

Saturday we have our FREE Community WOD @ 9am

Regular Class is at 930am

Today is a Dress Up WOD….Soooo….Dress up and come prepared for something different!

5M Jack O Lantern Jumps and Resurrection Warmup (Dbl Under and Roll Ups)

Trick or Treat Face Off Challenge


200m Backwards Zombie Run

50 Frankenstein Squats (45/35)

25  Coffin Raises (95/65) ***Push Press

10 Dracula Dips

400m Pumpkin Toss (20/14)

10 Dracula Dips

25 Monster Pulls (95/65) ***SDHP

50 Goblet Squats (53/35)

200m Backwards Zombie Run


In Honor of Jarod Hahn….. God Speed and a Safe Return Home!

War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself. – John Stewart Mill

The 300 Workout Challenge is an exhausting, nonstop 300-rep workout with no rest between exercises. It is not for the timid, unfit or faint of heart. Your goal is to finish the workout as quickly as possible. Only a few of the actors, extras and stuntmen in the film “300” were able to complete this grueling task. Are you up to the challenge?

Begin WOD with Dynamic Warmup and MOB.

Level 1 –Barbarian Horde” (2 rounds, rest 1 min between each exercise) 5 x pull up 10 x deadlift @ 135lb 10 x push up 10 x box jump @ 24in 10 x floor wipers 10 x 35lb single-arm DB or KB clean and press (each arm) 5 x pull up

Level 2 “Greek Hoplite” (2 rounds, rest 30 sec between each exercise) 10 x pull up 20 x deadlift @ 135lb 20 x push up 20 x box jump @ 24in 20 x floor wipers 20 x 35lb single-arm DB or KB clean and press (each arm) 10 x pull up

Level 3 – “Elysian Fields” (2 rounds, rest 15 sec between each exercise) 15 x pull up 30 x deadlift @ 135lb 30 x push up 30 x box jump @ 24in 30 x floor wipers 30 x 35lb single-arm DB or KB clean and press (each arm) 10 x pull up

Level 4 – “The 300 Challenge” (For time) 25 x pull up 50 x deadlift @ 135lb 50 x push up 50 x box jump @ 24in 50 x floor wipers 50 x 35lb single-arm DB or KB clean and press (each arm) 25 x pull up

Todays CFE Class is @ 10am
Dynamic Warmup
MOB Warmup
Pose Running Drills
500m Row
400m Run

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