Month: August 2012



10 Pushups

10 Pullups

10 Air Squats

100m Sprint

100m Row Sprint


10m Athlete Choice



5 by 5

Bench Press

5 by 5

WOD: 10-1

Push Press (95/65)

KB Swing (53/35)

LV1: DL/Floor Press Light Load/WOD: PP (35/15) KB (20/12)

LV2: DL/Floor Press Increasing Light Load/WOD: PP (55/35) KB (25/18)

LV3: PP (75/55) KB (35/25)

LV4: Rx’d


Ankle/Wrist MOB

Foam Roll Ham/IT Band/Quad



Front Squat

5 by 2

Back Squat

5 by 2


WOD: 20m CAP

100 Dbl Unders

80 Situps

60 Wallballs (20/14)

40 Box Jumps (24/20)

20 Burpees

LV1: 500m Row/Anchored Situps/(10/6)/Step Ups/Knee Pushups

LV2: 400 Reg Jump Rope/(12-14/8-10) Box Jump (16/12)/Knee Burpees

Lv3: Dbl Under Skill Work/(16/12)/Box Jump (20/16)

Lv4: Rx’d


Dynamic Warmup

MOB Warmup


Ring Dip

Muscle Up:

Progression and Transition Work

WOD: 20M for Total Reps

4m Hang Snatch (55/35)

1m Muscle Up

4m Power Snatch (95/65)

1m Muscle Up

4m Split Snatch (135/95)

1m Muscle Up

4m Squat Snatch (155/115)

1m Muscle Up

LV1: Work Hang Snatch (15/PVC) Dips on Parrallettes

LV2: Work Power Snatch (35/15) Asstd Ring Dips

LV3: All Movements Lighter Load/ Rings Dips or MU Progression

LV4: Rx’d

Muscle Up with Light Band Assistance will be Acceptable


Dynamic Warmup


Shane Patton, Navy Seal

Killed in Afghanistan

June 28, 2005



Hero WOD “Patton”

For Time

25 DL (155/105)

400m Run

10 Strict Pull ups

10 Clean & Jerks (155/105)

800m Run

10 Strict Pull ups

10 Clean & Jerks (155/105)

10 Strict pulls ups

800m Run

10 Clean & Jerks (155/105)

10 Strict Pull ups

400m Run

25 DL (155/105)


LV1: Row/Bar (35/15)/Jumping or Low Bar Pullups

LV2: Option to Row/Bar (55-75/35-55)/Jumping or Asstd Pullups

LV3: Bar (85-105/65-95)/Band Pullups

LV4: Rx’d



Todays Spiritual WOD: Is your Trust greater than your Fear? 

What is Faith?? 

Things I have heard about Faith: Hope in the things unseen; Believing without seeing, Complete trust in someone or something without having proof. Faith is an assured belief in the goodness of God. Faith is a free gift given to us by God. Faith is resting on God alone. I have heard that living by faith is hard to do. But the Bible tells us that it is impossible to please God without Faith…Faith must be pretty important. The word Faith is used in the Bible 247 times….twice in the Old Testament and 245 in the New Testament….something to think about.

We all go through things in this life. Good things. Not so good things. And sometimes down right terrible things. Often times problems that arise are self inflicted. Consequences to poor choices or decisions that we have made. Other times things happen to us that seem to be without reason. They are hard to understand. Impossible to comprehend. We find ourselves asking God: “Why me? Why this? Why now?” or “Why not God? I deserve it. Its not fair. I have worked so hard. I really need this.” When we doubt God we allow all sorts of evil to live inside our hearts. Doubt in God seperates us from God. Faith is believing that no matter what you are going through God has things under control and He knows what is best. If you are a child of God…your faith will be tested. Write it down, believe it, know that it is coming. A test of our faith can strengthen our walk with Him when we seek Him earnestly, trust in Him unwaveringly, and love Him unconditionally.

So let me ask you again…. Is your Trust greater than your Fear?? Why are you living in Fear?? Give it to Him today.

Proverbs 23:29 “Who has woe? Who has sorrow? Who has strife? Who has complaints? Who has wounds without reason? Who has bloodshot eyes?”


How are those Hip Flexors feeling???

Dont forget we have Yoga with Andrea tonight!!

Dynamic Warmup

4m Foam Roll

4m Groin/Quad Couch Stretch

**2m Each Leg-1m Each Stretch

MOD: Bulgarian Split Squat

5-5-5-3-3 Each Leg

Split Jerk Press

5-5-5-3-3 w/Lead Leg


7 Lateral Bar Jumps

7 Vups

7 Air Squats

LV1: MOD: Back Squat increasing w Light Load/Split Jerk Press w PVC. WOD: Lateral Bar Step Overs, Situps

LV2: MOD: BB Lunge/Split Jerk Press w/ Light Load. WOD: PVC to Toes w Bent Knees

LV3: PVC Rollup to Toes

LV4: Rx’d

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