rdblaurelJust a Reminder: Saturday Feb 8 is Redefine Beautiful

ALL CLASSES for Sat Feb 8 are CANCELLED.  Therefore; there will be NO CFE, NO CFCore, NO CF, NO CFProgressions, and NO Free Community WOD.

Redefine Beautiful is an ALL WOMEN’S EVENT…NO Boys or Men Allowed!!!

The Event will take place at the box at an expected timeframe of 8am to 1230pm.

Child Watch is only provided for children that were Pre Registered through our Webstie.

ALL Slots for the Redefine Beautiful WOD are taken and Registration is Closed for the WOD. However; there will be 15 Slots for the “WOD with Lindy” and Registration for that WOD will begin at 8am on Sat Feb 8th.

Doors Open at 8am. Registration table will be Open at 8am. Registration table will be CLOSED at 840am. The Event will start Promptly at 855am. Parking will be designated. Please do NOT be late.

There are 300 Swag Bags that will be given to the first 300 Ladies through the Door. Tshirts that were ordered through Pre Registration will be given to you at the Registration Table. If you did not order a tshirt but would like to purchase one we ordered a few extra and those will be sold on a first come basis.

Raffle tickets will be on sale through out the Event. 1 ticket for $3 or 3 tickets for $5. We have over 80 Vendors, Donors, and Local Business Sponsors so be sure to bring some CASH!!!

There will be two food trucks set up to serve us: The Lunch Rush and La Casa Tequeria. Again please bring money as the food is NOT free.

Our Vendors for this Years Event are: Optimum Nutrition, TN Grassfed, The Giving Thanks Farm,Taira Massey Adoption, Mercy Ministries, Reebok, Hope Pregnancy Center, Bump and Rumps, Advocare, ITWorks,  Sweet and Sassy, and The Sango Pharmacy.

Several of these Vendors will be selling products at the Event! Come early and check them all out!!

Our designated Photographer for this years Event is: Hayley Stell Photography

You may bring your own camera however and take pix of the event and your friends!

Lindy Barber, 2013 CF Games Competitor,  is our Guest Athlete and will be at the Event all day. She will be set up at a table to talk, sign autographs, and just hang out! And of course there is the “Lindy WOD” at the end of the Event before the Raffle Drawing!



Friday 2.7.14


MOB: 3M Hip Capsule Distraction, Pancake Split Hold 2M, Middle Split Progression w/Band for 3M 

Dynamic Leg WU




Practice 5M Blocking Movement for Quality Pullups


For Quality: 3 Rounds

10/5 Weighted Strict Pullups

10/5 Weighted Strict Dips


B. Back Squat:

4 by 8 @ 70%

2 by 2 @ 80%

3 by 2 @ 90%


C. Tabata Holds: 8 Rounds. 20 on, 10 off. 30s Rest between Movements.

High Plank (Advanced Athletes Plank on Rings)

Hover Plank (Advanced Athletes Hover on Rings)


D. Death By 10M

10M Indoor Shuttle Cone Sprint: All Out Effort

Athlete will Sprint 10M, Then Alt Walking Lunge 10M. Rest 10 Seconds.

Complete as Many Rounds as Possible in 6M


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