730495_10151392254454070_1065696870_nMeet Alia and Be Encouraged! As someone who has struggled with her weight her entire life she couldnt be any happier or healthier. She is currently 15 weeks pregnant with her second child (2nd picture) and has been CrossFitting and Clean Eating with us for over a year. The first picture was taken in 2009 with her first pregnancy. CrossFit is safe for pregnant women and it is worth it! See the differnece for yourself!


Dynamic WU/MOB WU

“Newport Crippler”



Dynamic WU

MOB: Shoulders/Tris/Chest

MOD: Shoulder Press 3RM: 7 by 3

WOD: 12M:

Even Minute: 3 Full Clean and Jerk

Odd Minute: 8 Strict CTF Burpees

1 Rd = Execution of all Movements within 2M Rounds: Best Score is 6 Rounds: Score Total Rounds Only

LV1: Hang Clean to Front Squat to Press (35/15) Knee Pushups

LV2: Power Clean to Front Squat to Push Press (65/35) Knee Burpees

LV3: (135/85)

LV4: (185/115 or Heavier)


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