4 by 200m Row w/15s Rest

3 Rounds: 15 MBC/15 Pullups

4 by 200m Row w/15s Rest






A. “Snowball Fight”

5M AKA Mini WB Dodge Ball


B. 10 Rounds

20s Handstand Hold

20s Air Squat Hold

20s Rest

*Key is to kick down from handstand and land into air squat hold. Do not bottom out squat or allow yourself to “butt wink”…keep your squat at right below parallel and keep core and hamstrings engaged.


C. 4 Rounds for Time:

5 Pullups

10 Pushups

15 Barbell Row (95/65)

10 Back Squat (95/65)

5 Behind the Neck Push Jerk (95/65)

30 Backwards Jump Rope


D. $$ Optional Core Cash Out $$


20s V Sit Hold

20s Plank Hold

20 GHD

20 Hip Ext

20 Reverse Hypers (50/30)

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