CFE @ 830am

Dynamic WU

10K TT

Bring Electrolyte replacements as well as any new gear you wana try out (compression pants/socks/shoes/watch/etc)

Spend time Friday night before bed to MOB


CF @ 930/1030am

Dynamic WU

Partner WOD: 10 Rounds

400m Run

8 KB Swings (53/35)

8 SDHP (53/35)

8 Air Squats


Each Athlete does 5 Complete Rounds. 1 Partner Runs 400m, While the othe Partner gets work done. As soon as Partner 1 returns from the run Partner 2 is out the door whether they completed the full round or not. That round does not count towards time completed if not finished. The only thing that counts in this WOD are the REPS completed on CTB Pullups.  Your chest MUST touch the bar every rep. Games Athletes should use (2P/1.5P) and do Butterfly PU.

LV1: Row/(25/18)/Low Bar CTB

LV2: Row/(32/20)/Jump CTB

LV3: (35/25)/Band CTB

LV4: Rx’d


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