Dynamic WU/MOB WU

10 by 300m 30s Rest



Dynamic WU for Run

A/ 400m Run for Time


B/ 3 Rounds: 10sec LSit Hold/10sec Plank Hold/5 Pushups

C/ Partner WOD: 30M Time Cap: Partition Movements as Needed

200 Abmat Situps

100 Wallballs (20/14)

100 Box Jumps (24/20)


50 Air Squat Vertical Jumps to 6 ft Target

You must finish all of the listed movements before moving onto the Clean and Jerk  Ladder listed Below. You will complete 1 Rep at each Weight. Only your best effort clean is what counts today. Take as much time as needed to get thru the ladder but be aware of the 30m Time Cap to complete WOD. On the Vertical Jump you must actually touch the target. Only one Partner can be working at a time.

Mens Ladder: 95/115/135/155/185/215/245

Womens Ladder: 65/95/115/125/135/145/155

If you make it through the entire Clean and Jerk Ladder you are done. If you do not you and your partner must complete 25 Burpees and then get your time.

LV1: (12/8) Step Ups (16/12) Pushups/Air Squats/Work Clean Ladder at Light Load

LV2: (14/10) (18/16) Elevated Pushups/Box Squat to Vertical Jump/Work Clean Ladder to 1RM

LV3: (16/12) (20/18) Asstd HSPU/Start Clean Ladder at 25% Less Load and Increase as Able

LV4: Rx’d

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