563792_425239300892479_547137627_nTodays Classes:

830am CFE

930/1030am CF

We are taking 4 Teams of 6 to CrossFit Mayhem today for our first Weightlifting Meet. The Lifts include the DL/Clean and Jerk/Snatch. We would love to have your encouragement and support! Weigh ins are at 8am and Lifting starts at 9am.


Dynamic/MOB WU

Peterson’s Ghost


CF:  Continuation of our Clean and Jerk Progression and Movement Pattern Work

Todays focus is the Jerk. 40m of this class is Interactive Instructional. It will be 100% hands on, come prepared with questions.

Pull from Racks as needed. Finish with full Clean and Jerk last 20M.


Strict Military/Shoulder Press Vs Push Press

Push Press Vs. Push Jerk

Split Jerk

Reset after Clean Finish/Setup for Jerk


2 Clean and Jerk increasing Load

5 Air Squats

* All reps must be Full Clean and Jerk. Apply the knowledge and technique you have gained over the past two days.



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