Saturday a bunch of us are heading up to Cookeville TN for Rich’s Grand Opening of CrossFit Mayhem…You are welcome to tag along even if you don’t wana WOD…no doubt it will be a fun day!

830am-CFE WOD w/ CFE Coach Nicole

930-CF WOD w/ Coach Natalie

We will still have Childcare at 930am

Dynamic WU

After Dynamic WU Complete the following WU:

800m Run/25 Situps/15 Pullups/10 Pushups

MOD: Full Review of the Wallball: A NO REP is a No Rep!! Cant get the ball to the line? Grab a lighter ball. Cant get a full depth squat? Go back to the basics of the Air Squat.

Skill Review on Rope Climb: Discuss different techniques for foot work

WOD: “Don’t Stop Karen”

We all know Karen…She is a Nasty Girl…Beat you down, and Spit you Out

150 Wallballs for Time (20/14)

Here is the Catch…Everytime you drop the ball you must complete:

1 Rope Climb

10 SDHP (53/35)

If you rest. If you stop for any reason on the wallballs. If you hesitate at the top or at the bottom of the movement…you must immediately head to the rope.

LV1: 50 Wallballs (10/4) and 1M Row for Time

LV2: 100 Wallballs (12/8) and 2000M Row for Time

LV3: (16/12) 1/2 Rope Climb/SDHP (35/25)

LV4: Rx’d

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