CFE Class @ 530am/530pm

Dynamic WU


Pose Drills


with 20 Abmat Situps between Each Run

CF Program:


MOD: Discuss and Demo Proper Movement Pattern for Rowing

WOD: Teams of Four: Score Total Calories and Dbl Unders

Sandbag Box Step Ups (Sandbag 45/25)(Box 32/24)

Dbl Unders

Russian KB Swings (53/35)


As a Team of 4 you will work for 40 Mins to Accumulate as many Calories Pulled and as many reps as Possible on Dbl Unders. At the end of the 40M workload you will add all of your Team mates numbers together for one score of the Calories and Dbl Unders. Every 5 Minutes you will alternate athletes from one movement to another. The only rule is that each athlete must complete 5 mins at every station. Discuss amongst yourselves who will do which movements when. Each athlete must be working at all times. You will spend 5 mins at each station before rotating to the next movement.

LV1: Form a Team of 4 and work for 20 Mins: Box 12/Jump Rope divided by 4/KB 18/Row

LV2: Form a Team of 4 and work for 30 Mins: Box 12/Jump Rope divided by 4/KB 20/Row

LV3: Box (24/20)/KB (35/25)

LV4: Rx’d


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