donavoanCFE @ 830am

CFCore Class is at 830am today instead of 1030am

There is NO Free Community WOD today!!!





Rest 3M






WWW:  WorldWide WOD

Today we are doing a Practice Run for the WWW Event taking place at SECF in Jan 2014.


A. “Helena” 12M Time CAP

RX: 3rds of 21x 1.5pood (men)/1pood (women) KBswings,12x pull ups, 100x Double Under jump rope.
Scaled: 2rds 21x 1.5pood (men)/1pood (women) KBswings,12x jumping pull ups, 200x Single jump rope.
Beginner: 1rd 21x 1.5pood (men)/1pood (women) KBswings,12x jumping pull ups, 100x Squats.

SCORE = Time in Minutes and Seconds to Complete

***Rest 4 Mins After Finsihing Helena. Then Complete:


B. “Karena” 5M Time CAP

Complete 60 situps as a “buy in” then do Wallballs till the clock runs out
Competitor chooses ball weight.
Throw to the normal marks (boys 10feet / girls 8feet)
There is no difference between RX, Scaled, and Beginner.
SCORE = Wallball Reps x Ball Weight

If Competitor did not get to Wallballs, then the Score is ZERO
Any ballweight is Allowed, You can not change ballweight once you Start!

*** Rest 4 Mins After Finishing Karena. Then Complete:


C. “Grace” 6M Time CAP

WOD: 30x Clean (muscle clean, power clean, squat clean) and Jerk/Press/Pushpress (aka Ground to Overhead with a stop at the Shoulders). Not a snatch, must be 2 movements.

RX: Men = 135#, Women = 95#
Scaled: Men = 95#, Women = 65#
Beginner: Men = 65#, Women = 45#

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