CFE Class Time: 530am/5pm

Dynamic Warmup

Pose Running Drills

800m Run

10 Slamballs

800m Run

20 Slamballs

800m Run

30 Slamballs

800m Run

CF Program:

MOB Warmup

Dynamic Warmup

MOD: 3-3-3 (FS) 1-1-1 (SJ)

Perform 3 Front Squat then Perform 1 Split Jerk with same weight

Work to no more than 65% of 1RM

WOD: 4 Person Team: For Time

Row 3000m

100 Pullups

200 Dbl Unders

100 Snatch (115/85)

Partition movements however needed. Only 1 team mate working a movement at a time. No two members can be working the same movement at the same time. Please scale and modify as needed even within a team. If you are not able to have a team of 4 please scale repetitions as needed. Ex: Team of 2 would: Row 1500m/50 Pullups/100 Dbl Unders/50 Snatch.

Any Snatch can be done.

LV1: Low Bar PU/Situps/(35/15)

LV2: Ring Rows/JR/(55/35)

LV3: Band PU/JR-Dbl Under Mix/(95-75/75-55)

LV4: Rx’d

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