Jump Rope Warmup



Bulgarian Split Squat

Each Leg

5 by 5 Increasing Load


Partner WOD:

200 OH Lunge (85/55)

150 Burpees

100 Calorie Row

50 Ring Dips

Partion Workload as Needed between Partners. Movements must be completed in order and you may not move on to the next Movement until all Reps are complete of previous Movement.

LV1: Bulgarian Split No Load 8 by 10: Air Squats/Knees Pushups/Row/Parallette Dips with Bent Knees

LV2: Bulgarian Split Light Load 8 by 8: Unloaded Lunges/Knee Burpees/Row/Parallette Dips Legs Extended

LV3: (55/35) Asst’d Ring Dips

LV4: Rx’d

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