puHoliday Hours for This Week:

Wednesday: (Today): No Open Gym, No 6PM Class. All Classes CoEd.

Thursday: (Thanksgiving): Box is Closed. However; we encourage you to participate in the “Pass the Turkey” 5K benefiting The Manna Cafe today!

Friday: All Classes Cancelled Except For: 730am/9am/10am. Child Watch available at all Classes. All Classes are CoEd. No Open Gym today. No Yoga Today.

Sat/Sun: Normal Hours of Operation





2M Run

21 Burpees

1M Run

15 Box Jumps

800m Run

9 T2B





“Pre Turkey Beat Down”

A. Tabata Burpees: 8 Rounds: 30s of Work, 10s of Rest. Once Tabata is Completed you have 30s to Rest and then Immediately go Into:

B. “30-20-10”

Thrusters (95/65)

Goblet Squats (2P/1.5p)

Box Jumps (24/20)

*Once you have Completed that Workload: Rest 2 Minutes. Then:

C. Run 1 Mile for Time

*Once you have Completed your 1 Mile Run. Rest 3 Minutes. Then:

D. 150 Abmat Situps/1oo PVC Good Mornings /50 KB Swings (2P/1.5P)

*** All of this Workload is done on a Running Clock. The Only time that you are given for Rest is the time that has been Alloted in WOD Description. You will Score your Total Time to Complete the Workload. So whatever the Clock says when you Finish your last KB Swing is Your Time.

**If you didn’t get enough….I challenge you to finish all of this with a Tabata on the Rower or Airdyne! Happy Thanksgiving Athletes!! Enjoy your Pie!!


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