1150784_10202180756624761_366808802_nToday is the first day of our “25 Day Kickstart Nutrition Challenge” …

So… if you see one of these Brave Souls be sure to give them a Hug, a Word of Encouragement, and Maybe even a Few Tips or your Fav Recipes!!  




Bergener Warmup

A. Clean and Jerk EMOM: 20M

Odd: 2 Power CnJ

Even: 1 Squat CnJ

* Increasing Load Every Minute. Please Utilize the Push Jerk as well as Split Jerk


B. As Many Reps as Possible in 5 Mins

Full ROM Pushups

* If you reach 100 Reps you can stop and Score your time completed. Rest and DYNWU Remainder of time to Prep for Run


C. 2 Mile Run for Time

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