halloweenCFE @ 830:


5 Mile TT


CF @ 930 : Annual Halloween WOD

“A CrossFit Halloween”

All Athletes are Encouraged to Dress Up!! There will be a “Trick” for anyone who shows up out of Costume! Buwahahaha!!!

We will have Goodies for the Kiddos, Goodie Bags for Runner Up Best Costumes Male and Female and Overall Winner for Best Costume will receive a FREE CFSF Hoodie!!

We will also have Goodie Bags for Prizes for Each WOD and other Fun Stuff!!

WOD 1: “Evil Eva”:

WOD will be done with a Partner and Workload will be Split Evenly. Partners will Run together and then each Partner will Split the Workload Completing 15 Reps per Athlete.

5 RFT:

800m Run

30 KB Swings (2/1.5P)

30 Pullups

30 Blood Curdling Burpees (Buwahahahaha!)

***Athletes will Rest Until All Athletes have Finished WOD 1 and then Proceed to WOD 2. Please be sure to Modify “Evil Eva” Appropriately!!!!


WOD 2: “Franken WOD”:

Partners will again be Splitting the Workload Evenly. Athletes are Encouraged to Switch Up Partners if they would like to do WOD 2 with Someone New.

10 Monster Man Makers (BB: 95/65)

20 Rob Zombie Rows (95/65) (BB Row)

30 Deadman Dips (Ring Dips)

40 Werewolf Wallballs (20/14)

50 Pumpkin Smashers (20/14)

60 Skull Crusher Squats (2P/1.5P) (Goblet Squats)

100m Spooktacular Sprint

* A BB Man Maker is a Chest to Barbell Pushup followed by a Barbell Roll Up to Shins followed by a Squat Clean followed by a Push Press. Don’t over think it…You basically do a Pushup to the Barbell and jump up and do a Thruster.  😉


** There will NOT be a 1030am Core Class today!!!

***FREE “Try Us Out” Community WOD @ 1130am

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