CFE: Class Time 530AM

Please be sure to bring a watch as well as some reflective gear this am.

Junkyard Dog

MOB Warmup

Pose Running Drills

5K Time Trial


MOB Warmup-15m

Dynamic Warmup-5m

10m Gymnastics Work: Any Gymnastics Skills that you want to Work

Handstand Hold, Walk, Wall Walks, Tripod, Ring Work, Strength Work, etc.

WOD: 20m CAP: Complete as Many Full Rounds as Possible

100m Walking Lunge

10 Strict Burpees

LV1: 10m Rowing and Abmat Situps instead of Gymnastic work: WOD: 3 RFT: 25 Box Squats, 10 Knee Pushup, 5 PVC Clean and Jerk

LV2: 12m CAP: 50m Walking Lunges, 5 Knee Pushups, 5 Abmat Situps

LV3: Competition Burpees

LV4: Rx’d- CTF, No quick drop and No snaking!

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