CFE Class Times: 530am/530pm

8 RFT: 15 Air Squats/100m Sprint

CF Program: Class Times: 530a/730a/9a/10a/11a/630pm


A. 2 Rounds: 10s L Sit Hold. 20s Handstand Hold. 10m Handstand Walk. 8 Cartwheels. 50m Partner Wheel Barrel Walk. 3 Mups.

B. 8 Sets: 3 Deadlift to 1 Squat Clean: Increase Load with Each Set

C. 5M Burpee Box Jumps (24/20) Score Total Reps

D. Row 800m/25 Situps/15 No Kip T2B


LV1: A. Row for Duration B. DL to Hang Clean C. Pushup to Step Up D. Lying T2B

LV2: A. Row for Duration B. DL to Power Clean C. Push up to High Step Up D. Lying T2B

LV3: A. Asstd or Parter Work B. As Rx C. As Rx D. K2E or K to Armpit

LV4: Rx’d

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