draft_lens19645419module160541132photo_1342979402__CF Program: Wear your Knee Highs today!!


WOD: Not for Time: Complete all Work in any Order, Partition Movements any way You Wish

Bench Press: 5-5/3-3/1-1-1: Score your 1R Max

Rope Climb : Complete 10 Full Ascents

Tire Flips: 30 Tire Flips … Dont wana see the men on puny tires here….Do Work!

Wall Climb: 10 Reps: Nose to the Wall…Push up at the bottom of the Movement Every Rep

KB/DB Snatch: 12 Reps (75/50)

LV1-3: See a Coach for Modifications.

*****Row at the End of all Workload 1000M FOR TIME!!

$$ Optional Midline Cashout $$

35 Floor Wipers

50 Back Ext

15 Hip Ext

60 Situps


CFE Program: Classes at 530am/530pm

Dynamic WU/MOB WU/Pose Drills

EMOM: 12-200M Sprints

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