lesliekidJust a Reminder:

We have our FREE Community WOD today at 10am and Anyone is Welcome!!

Our Oly Specific Weightlifting Class with Coach Christian is tonight at 730PM






400m Run

15 Box Jumps/10 WB/ 5 K2E




A. Agility Test. Best of 3 Rounds

Vertical Jump to Target

Broad Jump for Distance

3 Cone L- Drill for Speed


B. Box Squat

8 by 4. Increasing Load.  

* Complete 4 Heavy Tire Flips Between Each Set

** DO NOT DROP BARBELL. If you can not lift the Load DO NOT put it on the BB for Box Squat. Make sure you have a Spotter. Dropping a BB during a Box Squat will result in 2 things: Injury to the Athlete or Destroying a $300-400 Barbell. Dont do it!


C. 3 RFT:

250m Row

10m Handstand Walk

25m Sled Drag (180/105+ Wgt of Sled)

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