CFE Program:

MOB/Dynamic WU

Tabatas: 5 Rd: Run/Squat/SU/Row/Run


CF Program: This weeks Programming brought to you by Coach Dave Thompson

Happy Birthday to Mrs Wendy Davis!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! Oh and Um…Birthday Burpees?!?!

MOB: Hips/Knees/Front Rack Pos

WU: 3 Rds: Not for Time:  5 Pullups/10 Pushups/ 15 Air Squats/ 10 Situps/ 10 Superman

MOD: 8 by 3: Front Squat

WOD: For Time:

60 Situps

50 Box Jumps (24/20)

40 Pushups

30 Pullups

20 Burpees

10 DL (225/155)

LV1: Wall Situps/Step Ups 12″/Parallette Knee Pushups/Low Bar Pullups/Jumping Jacks/DL 55-35#

LV2: Anchored Situps/12″ Box Jump/Knee Pushups/Assited or Jumping Pullups/Mtn Climbers/DL 85-55#

LV3: 20″ Step Ups/Assisted Pullups/155-95#

LV4: Rx’d

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