Practice for 10M . Choose the Next Level Up from Your Current Ability

Kick up to Handstand

One Arm Handstand Progression (Try Both Arms)

Shoulder Touches


B. Deadlift

5 by 3 – Standard DL Increasing Load

5 by 5 – Jefferson DL Each Side working at 70%  with Each Set

3 by 8 – Suitcase DL w/ DBL KB (2P/1.5P)


C. 500m Row for Time


D. 4M as Many Reps as Possible

Box Jumps (24/20)

Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)

* The Idea is Just to Keep Moving for As Long As Possible without Resting. You can do as many Reps of either movement that you want. However; you must complete at least 20 of Each Movement. But how you get the Reps in is Your Choice. You have 4M to Complete as much Work as Possible. Score Total Reps.


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