CFE Classes: 530a/530pm

6 by 800m. Rest 2M

CF Program:

A. 500m Row/15 CTB Pullups/50M Walking Samson/50 Flutter Kicks

B. MOB 10M

C. Snatch 15M to Establish 1RM


D. For Time


Hang Snatch (95/65)

Pendaly Row (95/65)

Lying T2B

LV1: Work 1st Pull, 2nd Pull, 3rd Pull on PVC/15#. WOD: (15#) Situps

LV2: Work Power Snatch on (15#)/WOD: (35#) Lying K2E

LV3: Power Snatch or Split Snatch/ WOD: (55#)

LV4: Rxd: Full Squat Snatch

*** Finish all Bar Work. Then Sprint 200m and then get your time.

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