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1150784_10202180756624761_366808802_nToday is the first day of our “25 Day Kickstart Nutrition Challenge” …

So… if you see one of these Brave Souls be sure to give them a Hug, a Word of Encouragement, and Maybe even a Few Tips or your Fav Recipes!!  




Bergener Warmup

A. Clean and Jerk EMOM: 20M

Odd: 2 Power CnJ

Even: 1 Squat CnJ

* Increasing Load Every Minute. Please Utilize the Push Jerk as well as Split Jerk


B. As Many Reps as Possible in 5 Mins

Full ROM Pushups

* If you reach 100 Reps you can stop and Score your time completed. Rest and DYNWU Remainder of time to Prep for Run


C. 2 Mile Run for Time



2M Run. 2m Rest.

2M Run. 2m Rest.

1M TT.





A. Skill WOD:

Turkish Getup

Coaches Demo and Athlete Movement Pattern Review

Then: 8 by 1 Each Arm Increasing Load and Utilizing Different Objects


B. 21-18-15-12-9-6-3

Pendlay Row (135/85)

Alt Pistols


*I would rather see Athletes working a strict CTF Pushup or a MOD Band HSPU than doing Box HSPU.





5 Rounds:

400m Run

50m Recovery

100m Sprint

50m Recovery






Back Squat:

1 by 5 @ 65%/ 1 by 5 @ 70%%/1 by 5 @ 75%/1 by 5 @ 80%

Front Squat:

1 by 5 @ 60%/ 1 by 5 @ 65%/ 1 by 5 @ 65%/ 1 by 5 @ 65%



Complete 1 Pullup every 10secs for 3mins.

Stay with Strict Pullups as long a possible. Then switch to Butterfuly. Then switch to Kip.



17m EMOM:

100m All Out Sprint

100m Backwards Jog

Rest with Remaining time Left.



4 RFT: Weighted

20 SU

10 BJ

800m Run




A. “Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down”   (95/65)


B. Back Squat:

2 by 5 @ 65%/ 3 by 5 @ 70%

Front Squat:

4 by 5 @ 60%


C. Tabatas: 20 on-10 off-10sec Rest between Movements

Abmat Situps

Right Leg Lunge (Hold leg in a Static Postistion, Lunge on the 20, Rest in Postition on the 10)

Left Leg Lunge (Same as above)


D. $$ Optional Cash Out $$

1000m Row

25 Slow Back Hip Ext (If you have never done a Back Hip Ext please stick with a Strict Hip Ext)

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 8.48.55 PMNutrition Challenge:

Our “25 Day Kickstart Nutrition Challenge” Starts this Friday Nov 1st!!!

However; Registration will be CLOSED @ 8PM on Wednesday Oct 30th…This gives you 3 Days to get Signed Up!!

In order to Sign Up you must go to our Membership page and Register!!

Cost is $25. You will recieve an email Wednesday PM after Registration has officially closed with everything you need to know to get started!! Please direct all questions to Nicole Spitzack @


Results Physiotherapy Athlete Assessments:

Results Physiotherapy will be coming to the Box Thursday Nov 7 @ 530pm to Evaluate anyone who has quesitons about Mobility, Injury Prevention, ROM Issues, etc. You do not need to register…just show up!


New Classes and Class Changes:

MOBility Class: Starts Next Week and will be Every Thursday at 10am. Class is 30 mins in duration and cost is $2.50 Drop In fee. Unlilmited Athletes have access to this class at NO Additional charge. We also have Punch Cards available for our new MOB Class at a cost of $20.00 for 10 Classes. When you purchase a Punch Card you get 2 Classes for FREE!!

4PM MWF CF Class: Next week we will start a Mon/Wed/Fri 4PM CrossFit Class

630AM MTF CF Class: Next week we will start having our 630am CrossFit Class on Mon/Tues/Fri and there will NO LONGER be a Thursday 630am Class.



“Sorta Cindy”







5 by 2 Increasing Load to 85%

3 by 1 Increasing Load to 105%


B. For Time:

500m Row


Thrusters (105/75)

Box Jumps (30/24)

** You will only Complete 1- 500m Row then go Immediately into 21-15-9.

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