Month: April 2013


3 by 100/200/400M


CF:  Please drink water! Bring water! And wear Knee High Socks.



Handstand Progression/Walk (or) If you dont have the Rope Climb yet….

Rope Climb


800m Run

25m Bear Crawl

15 Burpees

2 Rope Climb

407141_512942088771468_229000920_n“RUFFNER/YODER HERO WOD”

2RFT for the Two Pilots

34 T2Bs for the Age of CW3 Ruffner

26 Pull-ups for the Age of CW2 Yoder

64 Air-Squats because They were AH-64 pilots

15 Wall Balls (20lbs) for Ruffner’s Time In Service

8 Thrusters (95/65) for Yoder’s Time In Service

49 Ab-Mat Sit-Ups because They Crashed on 4/9

Cash Out: 101 Burpees for the 101 CAB


CFE: “Game On, Game Off”

Just a Reminder: ALL Sat Classes are across the street at Sola Gratia.

Our “Fix My Oly” Clinic is SOLD OUT! However we still have our Jump Rope Clinic on Sunday that has some slots left! Come learn how to string together those Dbl Unders and if you already have them get tips on Triple Unders and Effiency! See our Calendar to Register!

Dynamic WU


21-15-9  *with 3 Burpees EMOM

Hang Cleans (135/95)

CTBB Pushups

* Rest 3m then 500M Row for Time




10 by 50M. Rest 10s.





Power Clean 8 by 2 to 80%

Push Jerk 8 by 2 to 80%

Front Squat 4 by 4 to 80%

2 Rounds: Not for Time

6-10 Strict Pullups

2-8 Muscle Ups (Ring or Bar) Work your Progression and Level

15 (8 count down) OHS (45/35)

8 K2E

15 Hard Pulls on Rower


Fix My Oly Clinic is Sold Out! Please dont show up today and try to get in … lol…

Coach Lex will have Reebok CF Nano’s available for purchase and you  are welcome to stop buy and try some on or purchase a pair.


ALL Classes today will be held at SolaGratia across the street. Please arrive early to fill out and sign a Gratia Waiver and introduce yourself to a Coach.

CFE- Coach John

200, 400, 800M. Rest 45s. 1M Time Trial.

800, 400, 200M. Rest 45s. 1M Time Trial.


CF- “Solas Gone Bad”

FGB Style: 3 Rounds. 1Min Station. 5 Stations. Score Total Reps.

Wallballs (20/14)

KB SDHP (53/35)

Burpee Broad Jump (1Mat)

Push Press (95/65)

CTB Pullups


3 by 1 Mile. 90s Rest.



Snatch 8 by 3 to 75%

Sumo DL 6 by 3 to 75%

3 Rounds (Not for Time)

20 OH Lunge (45/25)

10 Up Downs


10 Hip Ext

3 Atlas Stone G2S (145/95)

5 Parallette Pass Thrus

10 Toes Thru Rings




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